What makes WVP International Better Than Any Other Immigration Consultant

When you visit Delhi in search of immigration consultants, you will get so many options. As the capital of a huge country, there are so many people who aspire to migrate to some new country for a better opportunity. In this scenario, many immigration agencies are mushrooming here and there in Delhi, especially in the Nehru Place area.

Among all the agencies, many people especially the customers consider WVP International as the best immigration consultant in Delhi. If you want to find out the reason, then there are so many that you really finish counting. From experience to integrity, they are aware of every single thing which is essential for the immigration aspirants. They take care of the complete process in a flow that can be achieved only with huge industry experience.

However, one of the breakthroughs that the company has started is the anti-fraud policy. It is an excellent initiative by the company that helps aspirants to stay away from scams and save their hard-earned money.

WVP International Frauds protection policy is a great way to teach people how frauds happen in the immigration industry so that they can stay alert and identify them.

There are so many malicious activities are going on every day it is very tough to understand how people are scammed everyday. So, to help them, they have created a list of the processes that the scammers take to approach the victim. They have listed the traits that are frequently common in them so that the target victims can identify them.

Then they also provide a guideline of what the aspirants should do and don’t while applying for immigration. When they are aware of the incidents they can save their hard-earned money from it.

What WVP International Does To Prevent Fraud?

Apart from the anti-fraud policy of the company, there are certain guidelines that the company itself follows.

The first one is the availability of the registration number. Their registration numbers for the countries they conduct immigration is available to all so that people can check their authenticity. They don’t send any employee to approach the aspirants in the airport or immigration office. Every employee has a unique employee id. No employee of WVP International is allowed to contact the customers personally. The whole office is under the supervision of the CCTV camera. All the telephonic conversations are recorded so that the customers don’t face fraud.

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